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Face and Neck Lift

Wrinkles on face and neck get deeper with aging. The skin sags due to gravity and loses its volume. Face and neck lifting operations repair sagging skin, flatten deep wrinkles and make your face look like it did 10 years ago.


Face lift operations do not only remove the sagging on skin but also remove the sagging on SMAS under the skin, which is composed of muscles and connective tissues. For this purpose, according to the needs, the excessive SMAS tissue can be removed or folded. Treatments in the subcutaneous layer creates a more permanent effect.

Face lift operations are effective especially in cheeks, jowl and neck. The sagging skin and subcutaneous tissue are stretched up to form a natural appearance. The age-related decrease in adipose tissue can be treated using fat injections. We can also perform eyelid plastic surgery in order to get rid of the saggy skin and bags around the eyes.

Patients should stop smoking, taking blood diluents and have normal levels of blood pressure before the face lift operation in order to prevent occurrence of any complications. Smoking disturbs the recovery of wounds and nutrition of tissues. Blood diluents and high tension increase the risk of bleeding and reduce the post-operative satisfaction.

Sagging skin and deep wrinkles can be treated using face lift and fat injections. Patients can also get rid of small and fine wrinkles in one operation using fractional CO2 laser treatment

The cut of the face lift operation stretches out from the front to the rear of the ear. 6 months after the operation, the scar will be almost impossible to notice.
Mid-face lift operation is the preferable treatment if there is sagging skin under eyelids and around the nose. This operation can be performed from the same cut in the lower eyelid plastic surgery. Sagging fat pads are upheld and fastened onto the bones. This ensured more permanent results.

Patients can be discharged from hospital the day after the operation which is performed under general anesthesia. Patients can return to daily life after about 10-15 days. Facial edemas rapidly disappear within weeks; however, it may take up to 3-6 months for the face to take its final shape.