The Measures We Take Against Covid-19 for the Health of You and Our Employees are as follows

Covid 19


The measures we have taken in line with the guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health are as follows:

  • All patients and staff’s fever are measuered while entering to the hospital.
  • All our patients are questioned about the history of the disease (fever, cough, respiratory distress, etc.).
  • All our guests are provided with masks in the entrance section.
  • Our employees apply 1.5 meters 'protection distance' in social communication with our patients.
  • Our patients are called for an appointment at 1-hour intervals and each interview takes place in different rooms.
  • Chairs and armchairs in the waiting areas have been seperated as much as possible.
  • In our hospitals, within the scope of infection measures and hygiene practices; Disinfection of areas such as common areas, waiting areas, corridors, elevators, toilets with water and detergent is provided regularly.
  • Necessary trainings for Covid-19 were provided to our doctors and all our employees.
  • There are enough hand and surface disinfectants in all areas.
  • In all areas, cleaning and hygiene studies are carried out with strong disinfectants against covid approved by the Ministry of Health at maximum and frequent intervals