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Buttocks Lift

Buttock is of great importance for the body shape of women. Buttocks and breasts are the most vital factors of female figure. Floppy and small buttocks will cause the legs to seem shorter than it actually is. Therefore, fuller, round, raised and short buttocks look better. Buttock seems nice only when in harmony with the legs and lumbar region. Therefore, shaping legs and lumbar region through lipolysis and liposuction is quite important for overall appearance. Buttock implants and fat injections are applied in buttock implant operations.


Buttock Implants

Buttock is lifted by placing silicone implants through the cut between the two sides of buttock. After this operation, there will be no visible scars. Silicones for buttock augmentation and lift are special productions and they are completely safe like the ones used in breast enlargement operations. Silicone buttock prostheses must be placed in proper locations within muscles so that they will not be noticed. Patients can stand up and walk in the same day after the butt implant operation. It can be applied under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. Liposuction and body-shaping might be applied in a combination with buttock implant operation. About 1 week after the procedure, you can return to your daily life.

Fat Injections (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Your buttock can be lifted by transferring the adipose tissue from your body to your buttock. First the adipose tissue is removed through liposuction, and then it is purified after special operations and injected wherever necessary. After this procedure, the patients will not have any stitches or scars. Approximately 40% of the fat tissue, which is taken from another part of the patient’s body and transferred to this area for buttock lift purposes, will dissolve within weeks. Therefore, during the buttock lift operations through fat injections, the patient is injected with fat which is more than necessary. The adipose tissue, which will be used in fat injections, can be taken from waist or abdomen. Therefore, we do not only enlarge and lift the buttock, but we also help the waist and abdomen get thin and in shape. About 3 days after the procedure performed under general anesthesia, you can return to your daily life.