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Silicone Breast Augmentation

Breasts are the most important organ for women to create a body perception. They have been one of the greatest symbols of womanhood throughout history. Therefore, having small breasts might be a huge problem for many women. Many women use uplift bras in order to get rid of this problem and they try to be more free in their clothing. Breast enlargement through silicone prostheses has been safely used throughout the world for years and it provides natural, permanent and satisfactory results.


Women who have had breast enlargement operation through silicone prostheses will become more socialized, more self-confident and happier in every step of life. They turn into people who are more extrovert in family, social and work life.

We assess the breast tissue, body shape and patient’s desires during the meeting before breast enlargement operation. Op. Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı carefully listens to and examines his patients. He and his patient choose the best method for breast enlargement together.

Silicone breast prostheses might be placed under muscles, under muscle fascia or under the breast tissue depending on the amount of under-skin tissues, the volume and structure of the current breasts. The cuts for this operation might be applied on armpits, breast folds or around the nipples. All cuts will become hardly-visible over time and pose no problems for any patient.

Silicone Breast Enlargement operations help reduce the breast floppiness and may be used for breast lift.

Breast prostheses are manufactured in two different ways. These are round and drop-shaped (anatomical) prosthesis. Each of the two different prosthetic does not have an advantage over another. They should be chosen to suit the intended outcome.

Silicone breast enlargement does not increase the risk of breast cancer. Mammography, the postoperative breast cancer screening, ultrasound and MRI can be done easily. After this operation, there is no problem in pregnancy or breast-feeding. Silicones does not alter the content or quantity of milk.

Breast enlargement is applied under general anesthesia. The same evening or the next morning the patients can be released. You can start your daily life approximately 5 days after surgery.