Calamansi & Egg White Skin Routine

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As promised on my previous post explaining how calamansi and egg white work wonders for the skin, here are the instructions on how to do it:

  • Prepare 1 tsp of egg white and 1 tsp of calamansi extract
  • Wash the face with soap and water then pat dry.
  • Apply the calamansi extract and leave it on for 5 minutes
  • Rinse off and pat dry
  • Apply the egg white into the face and leave for 10-15 minutes or until it hardens
  • Rinse off with water

Do this 3x a week and notice the improvement of your skin a week after. The results may vary for each individual. If you are prone to skin reactions, use it at your your discretion.

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Calamansi and Egg White for Skin Care

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These kitchen regulars do not only make useful ingredients to a satisfying meal. They also double as natural remedies to skin problems and as beauty enhancers. They I just say the magic word? Yep, beauty with a capital B. If that got your vain self more interested in knowing how, read on.

My 13 year old niece asked for my help in an investigatory project she had at school. She wanted to prove if calamansi and egg whites had beneficial effects on the skin, thus she enlisted us as her guinea pigs. The idea of dabbing citrus on my face scared me. Not out of fear of turning my face sour, but due its acidic nature which may be irritating. Then I remembered the recent routine that I apply daily on my skin consists of acid nonetheless. I’ve been putting glycolic acid to facilitate exfoliation and skin renewal to get rid of my pesky acne pock marks.

Calamansi as a Fruit Acid

Glycolic acid is classified under alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), a group of naturally occurring chemicals derived from fruits. Sugar cane, beets, pineapple and grapes are common sources. Calamansi (citrus microcarpa bunge), likewise, is a rich source of fruit acids. AHAs are widely used in the cosmetic industry. Owing to their acidity and solubility, they penetrate the skin and loosen the bonds that hold the dead skin cells together, hence allowing exfoliation.

As we may know, dead skin cells contribute to acne formation by blocking the pores. They also give the skin an uneven texture. While Calamansi is being promoted as a skin whitener, the lightening effects may be mostly due to its exfoliating effects, revealing a fresher and smoother layer of skin.

Fruit acids do not only exert a peeling effect on the skin but also stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin on the dermal layer, which are diminished as we grow older. In addition, the anti-oxidant properties of fruit acids fight off free radicals which give our skin a worn out look. By attaching itself to the free radicals, we are saved from further damage to the skin cells, lessening premature wrinkles and age spots. Whether as an acne treatment or beauty enhancer, fruit acids are shown to be beneficial in our unending quest for beauty.

The Miracles of Egg White

There’s more to egg whites than melting in our mouths as a delectable meringue. For the beauty savvy, I am certain that you’ve heard about its use as a facial mask. Although there is a lack of scientific evidence proving the efficacy of this technique, the positive testimonials from women who have tried using egg whites in beauty rituals are not to be ignored.

Egg whites contain around 40 different proteins dissolved in water, among which, albumin comprises the most part. The skin- clearing properties of egg whites may be partly attributed to the lysozyme, an enzyme which digests bacterial cell wall, thereby fighting acne. This enzyme has also been used as an ingredient to prevent food spoilage.

The egg white contains the enzyme hydrolysate which promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in fibroblasts at the dermis. Fibroblasts, in turn, produce collagen. Simply put, egg whites have amazing anti-aging properties.

Tightening and shrunken pores are noticed immediately after the application of this protein-rich poultry product to the skin. Whether or not it has long term beneficial effects, it remains to be seen.

The base pH of the egg white makes it an effective neutralizing component in facial masks utilizing other natural products like the calamansi (note: although the pH of lemon is acidic, it is considered an alkalinizing food when taken in because of the chemical reactions inside the body). With the combination of the effects resulting from both ingredients, they make quite a powerful skin care tandem.

So how do you apply this natural skin care regimen? Find out on my next post. Til then!

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