24 Shimmer Palette Swatches

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A brand new 24 Shimmer Palette is currently up for grabs in our Summer Blog Giveaway Promo.In case you haven’t joined, please do so before the deadline. To give you an idea of how the colors look like when applied to the skin, I prepared some swatches.

Some shades hardly show up but are buildable. This is not the palette for bold avant garde looks but are muted yet pretty colors for a  more natural look with a pop. My favorites are the blue, teal and green shades. I used this palette for the Geishock shoot, and the pastel shimmery effects suited our cute model.

24 shimmer palette


Shimmery Palette


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More NYX Lip Swatches

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Last June, I ordered these NYX Round Lipsticks from Nonpareil Boutique. For some reason, they stopped shipping to the Philippines. It was a good thing my aunt from the US was on her way to the Philippines so I grabbed the chance to order the shades that used to be out of stock. I added lipliners as well. Here are photos of my latest haul from NYX:

Swatches with flash

Without Flash

A. Round Lipsticks

1. Femme- a vivid red with a tinge of orange

2. Indian Pink- It’s more orange than pink in my opinion.. it’s some sort of a frosted coral. Reminds me of Goddess, only less shimmery.

3. B52- a matte dark mauve that gives a nude look for dark-skinned women. Think of Thalia, only darker.

4. Louisiana- If you’re a fan of fuschia, add this to your collection. Hot pink is it!

5. Narcissus- The Barbie Doll pink that I’ve been looking for, in the middle of Paris and Strawberry milk.

B. Lipliners:

1. Dolly Pink- Notice its similarity to Narcissus, only in pencil form

2. Tangerine- If coral is your thing then go for this one. It has a hint of shimmer to it.

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Pics Using The 120 Eyeshadow Palette

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Model: Alyssa Chaves
Photography by: Dustein Sibug

I did her makeup under difficult circumstances- in the car parked in a quiet place but it rained that I had to continue doing her makeup with my hubby holding up an umbrella for me. The color pink wouldn’t pack and kept falling off. The colors were difficult to blend on top of UDPP. This was not the look I had in mind but I had to innovate a little because of the faulty blending and packing.

Practicing it on myself. It is easier to blend without a primer.

Attempting face painting on my niece

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Read My Lips :Nyx Lip Swatches Part 2

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Here are swatches of my second batch of orders from Nonpareilboutique.com. Shipping was fast as the first time. However, I ordered Thalia for the second time but got a Tea rose instead. I compared it with my mom’s Thalia and my Tea Rose  so that’s how I knew it was the latter, although the name on the cap was Thalia.I checked the site but sadly, Thalia is now out of stock.

Some lipsticks came with a seal and some didn’t. The shade is written on the cap so it would be difficult to tell which is which once you got the caps mixed up.

1. Strawberry Milk- a pale pink that I intend to use for special effects  and on top of darker shades.

2. Paris- a  soft pink you can wear on a daily basis

3. Georgia- a shimmery/ frosted pink

4. Doll- a dark rose pink bordering on red on the tube yet lighter when applied

5. Castle- grape-colored shimmery lipstick, great for  creative shoots

6. Circe- a nude brown that works for some but pulls of a sick or dead look for others

7. Herades- if coral or terra cotta is your thing, this is your match

8. Goddess- Orange with shimmers. Blend this well to avoid making you appear like you’ve just slurped on spaghetti.

box cutter

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Nyx Lip Swatches

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I. Nyx Round Lipsticks- velvety, creamy, moisturizing lipsticks

With Flash:

Without Flash:

1. Electra- A vivid red good for geisha or classic 40′s theme.

2. Eucalyptus- A purplish fuschia which I ordered in lieu of Narcissus, which is said to be perfect for a Barbie lip. This one looks darker than pics of Narcissus.

3. Galaxy- a frosted brownish pink. A standout in metallic or futuristic shoots. Also a good match for smokey eyes.

4. Tea Rose- a natural pink you could wear for a no makeup look or to balance smokey eyes.

5. Thalia- sorry, no tube pic on this one because it has gotten blunt from my mom’s use (she really loves it!) but I managed to borrow from her for swatching up above. This is more rosey pink than Tea-rose.

6. Orange Soda- The color I’ve been hunting for ever since I saw Chechel Joson’s works on the Star Magic talents. This is a nude peachy orange color. Love it!

7. Iris- a shimmery and brownish version of Orange Soda

II. Nyx Lip Glosses with Mega Shine- Nyx signature lip gloss with creamy and shiny finish

Lollipop- peachy brown that I love blending with a pinkish lipstick. Could be applied alone, for a natural mood. My favorite gloss to date.

Barbie Pink- fuschia pink that could pull off a Barbie doll look. May be used to intensify lipstick color but could also stand alone.


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