Don’t Put Your Dime On Your Makeup

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I find it creepy that some people put a dime on top of their eyeshadows to demonstrate the size of each color. We cannot stress further the load of bacteria on a coin. Eyes can be really sensitive and are easy prey to microbes. You can at most put a dime BESIDE a palette to give an idea of its size but please, not ON TOP of an eyeshadow. I once saw a seller doing this and no matter how attractive the price of her goods, I never looked back on her page. And now, I was just watching a youtube video and somebody did it  on her makeup once again. The sanitary practices of these folks are driving me insane.

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The Make Up Artist Is Out

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… of Order? Nah, just stepping out of the blogging scene for the mean time.

Pardon my absence from the blogging world. I’ve been juggling several jobs, makeup gigs included, that left me with no more time for blog updates. I have new products waiting to be reviewed such as the Sally Hansen Airbrush Foundation, Elianto Baked Eyeshadows, VOV Cover Foundation, Makeup Forever Liquid Last Foundation, etc.

I have Kryolan UV Colors and Ben Nye Eyeshadow which are still in the box and haven’t been tested at all yet. Several features brewing up, once I find the time to write them.

With Christmas just around the corner, I gotta work doubly hard so I can enjoy my vacation soon.

Bye for now, will return very soon!

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Alive and Doing Makeup

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It’s been a while since I posted. Been through a lot these past few days but none of them should make me abandon this site. Whether people actually read this or I only write to amuse myself, this blog shall continue.

I just thought of dropping this post to make my presence felt. I am still very much alive and not gobbled up by cancer.

In a few days, I will be training a makeup apprentice to assist me in gigs. She will be trained for free and will earn from paid gigs. I have a couple of bookings in the next few months so I will be needing an extra hand to make people more beautiful.

I have reviews cooking up but I have yet to take pics of the products. After work, I usually make a date with the TV instead of the computer. I’m so bummed out I need to recharge.  Maybe the PR 1 ranking should cheer me up. Not bad for a blog that’s been in this new domain for about a month.

Will be prepping up for my next articles. Til Then!


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Brush Anatomy

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This is an introduction to a series of discussions on makeup brushes. Let us get to know the parts of a brush. They are divided into 3 components, namely:

1. Hair Bundle
- this can be made of natural hair, natural bristle or synthetic materials. It is further divided into the a.) flower tip and the b.)length-out. The former is the one coming in touch with the skin while the latter is the visible part between the flower tip and the ferrule. The bottom of the hair bundle is dipped into a glue and inserted to the ferrule.

2. Ferrule
- this is the metal tube securing the hair bundle to the handle. They should be double crimped and seamless to avoid unsteady handles. They are often made out of brass, copper or aluminum. Brass is the strongest one. Aluminum mixed with other metal can just be as strong. Brushes like those from Mac are nickel plated for corrosion resistance and aesthetic value.

3. Handle
- a good brush is securely placed in the handle socket and doesn’t shed. Handles can be made out of acrylics, woods or metals. Caution during washing your brushes with especially those with wooden handles: do not leave your brushes soaked up to the handle or the coating would come off. If you do have to have your brushes stand in water overnight (an old school method), make sure it is only until the level of the hair bundle and don’t leave it for too long or else some brushes’ color tend to bleed, contaminating brushes nearby.


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