MANGO Opens at Ayala Centrio Mall

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Since the opening of Ayala Centrio Mall in Cagayan de Oro, a lot of shops and restaurants that I  frequently visit every time I’m in Manila are now within our reach.  During my internship days in Manila a couple of years ago, MANGO was a favorite fashion hub and I could only wish they had one in CDO too.

That wish was granted when they finally opened a flagship store at Ayala Centrio yesterday, December 2, 2012. It was attended by CDO’s fashion forward personalities, bloggers, and representatives from MANGO Spain, where the brand originated. Thanks to Irene of Mindanaoan for the exclusive invitation.

Visit MANGO at the ground floor of Ayala Centrio Mall in Cagayan de Oro.

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Star Magic Ball Dissected

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I was browsing through the Star Magic Bal 2011l pictures at Yahoo Philippines and noticed that most of the comments had to do with the celebrities’ makeup.  This goes to prove that no matter how beautiful a person is, she/he must choose the makeup artist well. Fact is, makeup can make or break you.

Some comments are really funny but true, such as how Gretchen Barreto was missing the broomstick with the avant garde dark makeup and black shapeless dress. Others are plain rude, perhaps out of fan rivalries.

The  star of the night for me would be Kristine Hermosa, whose makeup and outfit speak royalty, even with the baby bump. Being a makeup artist herself, she clearly knows what looks good on her.

Melai Cantiveros looked simple yet pretty. Someone even commented that she should stick with the makeup artist who dolled her up that night. But then her gown looks rented from a wedding shop.

There were a number of actresses who donned white, but it was Kim Chiu who pulled it off elegantly without looking like a bride waiting for her groom in a mass wedding.

Jodi Sta. Maria, a highly esteemed actress of her generation is as classy as ever, although I think the look would have been more neat with her hair pulled up.

Speaking of hair, Kiray Celis  happens to have one of the most gorgeous hair styles that night. But apart from the hair and the handsome partner, well.. Kiray is a young comedienne after all- the outfit must have been a joke.

If you want a nice peg for a prom, check out Mara Clara star, Kathryn Bernardo’s hair. The gown and makeup are just right for her age.  A good example of  how young people should look during formal events

I’m a fan of nude lipsticks but it didn’t go right with some celebrities like Megan Young, whose pallid lips didn’t do justice to her Hollywood-worthy beauty. Disturbing to see was Lovi Poe who was Jake Cuenca’s date for the night. Her divinely morena features are usually stunning,  but  she looked rather tired and dehydrated at the Star Magic Ball. The messy hair and nude lipstick didn’t help, either. The pale colors of the dress would have been balanced with darker lip colors.  The hair defined her look for the night- messy.

On the contrary, Bea Alonzo wore super red lips which aged her a lot. I prefer her with pinkish lip shades. Somehow the dress and overall look seemed as if she was channeling Dolly Parton on her way to the Casino.

A lot of male actors had makeup gone bad. Grooming is undeniably difficult for males, as some makeup artists tend to put makeup on them in the same way that it is applied on females, leaving the guys  emasculated. Some had obviously lighter foundation and shiny lipgloss. With flash photography, the foundation mismatch can get accentuated, downgrading the makeup artist into a mortician.

For the males, among  the best would have to be Xian Lim and Rafael Rosell who looked like they stepped out of  GQ Magazine. Oyo Sotto, is not to be missed, whose dashing good looks perfectly matched her ethereally beautiful wife.

See the pictures for yourself at the Yahoo Philippines entertainment page .


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Mega Fashion Crew

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I caught the second episode of the reality TV show  ”MEGA Fashion Crew” on ETC after getting curious over my friend’s facebook status regarding the pilot episode saying “I don’t feel talented creatives need to go through such a horrible thing.”  My friend who excels in artistic matters himself,  is obviously not pleased with the show, but  his statement was strong enough to get me grabbing the remote control at 7pm on a Saturday evening.

MEGA Fashion Crew Season 2 is a boobtube venture of one of my favorite glossy magazines, MEGA, which  spotlights on the creative people working behind the scenes for exquisite fashion spreads: the makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist, model and photographer.

It started with 60 participants from different fields  aiming to penetrate into the Philippine fashion industry. Each week, the number is tapered  down until the 5 ultimate winners  emerge. The second episode was sponsored by L’oreal hair, thus focusing the shoot on glorious locks. I find it interesting how the crew members came up with their own versions of a hair fashion editorial. I felt for the model with curly hair who seemed to be in agony while the hair stylist was mercilessly straightening it out. Pulling off a spectacular fashion editorial is not just about the photographer and the model, who oftentimes receive the louder praises. The makeup artist, hairstylist and fashion stylists work just as hard for high -end results, and should be applauded for their efforts too.

In this week’s panel of judges, I never realized how the benign-looking Phoem Baranda could bluntly speak out her thoughts. I actually agreed with her on some points but I guess I’m just shocked at the different side of Phoem that we don’t usually see on TV. The other judges blurted out varying degrees of snarky comments, but I was amused at Phoem’s brutally honest opinions.

If I were told the art I created was reminiscent of a shoot for a starlet, I’d probably be scarred for life.  But then comments like this are nothing compared to what really happens in the cut-throat business of fashion. Contestants most likely know what they’re getting into so disheartening comments should fuel them forward instead  of stripping off confidence.  I guess in any field, we can’t expect all people to be tactful with their criticisms. There will always be mentors and tormentors along the way.

It was evident how the contestants were so passionate about their own crafts and I’m looking forward to what they can offer in the following weeks. Among the talented roster of participants is photographer Melson Bolongaita from Cagayan de Oro, whose exceptional eye for beauty should be celebrated, whether or not  he wins in this competition.

On the technical side, I was having difficulties deciphering some of the conversations because there were times when the audio would get really soft then turn loud in an instant.

Despite the horrific challenges that the artists have to go through, I applaud MEGA publishing for staging a TV show that pays attention to the creative minds  that are usually the unsung heroes in the riveting world of fashion. I just hope they’d be accorded due respect even during the contest.

The MEGA Fashion Crew airs at ETC,  7:00 PM on Saturdays, with replays on Sundays, 10:00 AM. I just wish they had more schedule of replays or upload it somewhere in the net so more people can view it. Visit their website at

If you’ve watched it, what do you think of it?  Too bad I didn’t catch the first episode so I couldn’t really tell which part my friend found lackadaisical  but if I were a TV marketing specialist, I’d hire this friend to stir up people’s  interest in a show, just as how he did on me.


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StyleCandy July-August Collection

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StyleCandy is a new fashion hub that feeds the trendsetters’ craving for style and glamour. This boutique opened early this year and is currently a fave stop among teens and young professionals alike for its sassy array of clothing and accessories.

Every month, StyleCandy posts its latest collection on its facebook page where customers can have a peek into its newest offerings and even order online. For the months of July and August, I’ve been privileged to be part of its shoot. This time, I Iaid my makeup brushes to rest and documented the shoot instead through photo and video. My team members Miraflor Chaves-Lamatan and Geovanne Calulo handled the makeup and hair, respectively, while Reux Ceballos was the official photographer. The lovely towering twins Jane and Loise Macaling were chosen to be StyleCandy’s muses for the months of July and August.

Apart from the fashionable items that cater to the urban divas, the store also carries shirts for kids and adults. StyleCandy boasts of   its comfy shirt dresses, designed by the owner herself, Ms. Kristine Tan.

If in Cagayan de Oro, you may visit StyleCandy at Tomas Saco 34 (across Loreto’s Grill and Restaurant), Nazareth. No worries if you’re elsewhere in the Philippines, as they offer online shopping through their facebook page. I can assure you you’ll find something you like coz I myself gave in to the pretty  yet affordable collections. While shooting the models, I was simultaneously asking the owner the prices of some clothes I fancied and made a mental note to buy them afterwards. I later picked a pair of harem pants and studded jacket. On top of the reasonable prices,  they offer credit card payments!

Below are some shots I took with my camera, showcasing the collections that they currently have in store. I’m also embedding the short video I shot using Canon 60D. Be sure to like StyleCandy on facebook to browse through a lot more items that aren’t shown here.


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Lala Flores’ Daughter is Supermodel of the World

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It’s in the genes! Danica Magpantay, daughter of former supermodel-turned-makeup artist Lala Flores won the Supermodel of the World title on January 22, 2011 in New York City.

Who could forget Lala Flores’ reign on the ramp 2 decades ago? Oozing with X-factor, she bagged  the much coveted Supermodel of the Philippines title in 1990 and got the Crest Best Smile award when she represented the country abroad.  After getting married to Pogs Magpantay and shying away from the spotlight, she continued to make her mark in the fashion industry as a topnotch makeup artist.

Now, the spotlight is on her 17 year old daughter Danica, who bested more than 70 other candidates from all over the globe in the prestigious Ford Modeling contest. Danica’s dusky complexion, killer bone structure, and long legs are all reminiscent of the younger Lala Flores. She has an equally stunning sister named Danielle who made it to the top 8 of the Supermodel of of the Philippines competition last October 2010, in which Danica grabbed the plum prize. Danielle, however, is proud and in full support of her sister.

Danica, a UP Fine Arts  student, brings home the title of the first ever Filipina Supermodel of the World (Charlene Almarvez was 1st runner up in 2010, Charo Ronquillo placed 3rd in 2006). She also snags a $250,000 modeling contract with the Ford Modeling Agency.

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