Happy New Year!

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2009 has been a challenging yet rewarding year for the vanity doctor.  It was this year that this blog has been recognized, which opened doors for more opportunities. Sorry that it had to take an award to push me to write more often in this site which I almost abandoned. To all the readers of this blog,  I wish you a more fabulous year in 2010! Even if you hardly make your presence felt in the comments section, as long as you’re getting more gorgeous with each visit to this blog, that’s fine with me. New year means renewal of auto insurance quotes but here’s hoping for prosperity in every endeavor and better health for all of us! Stay beautiful, people!

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Protected: I enjoyed my Century Bangus Fillet at the Hospital

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Paging The Universe

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Sheesh.. I was pondering and I realized that I got quite a handful of things that I want to accomplish in my life.

Among these are:

  • to put up my beauty spa
  • to train for anti-aging/regenerative medicine
  • to learn acupuncture
  • to study web design
  • to be an entrepreneur
  • to be a good doctor
  • to be a better writer
  • to be a devoted wife and hopefully, a doting mother
  • to update my blog more often

Not much, huh? Except that I don’t know where exactly to direct my efforts to achieve these diverse goals. If I only had the funds to afford me the liberty to realize my dreams. Training in Anti-aging Medicine will require me to live some place else. Putting up a beauty business will need a huge amount of money. All the rest are up to my physical, artistic and mental energy bank. Maybe dialing the universe hotline will grant my wishes as it always did. Prayer, law of attraction, or whatever you wish to call it, do work for me. Oh Lord, hear them all. And please bless me with a better health so I can do all these things in this lifetime.

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Makeup on My Wedding

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Photography by Dustein Sibug

Photography by Dustein Sibug

Planning for your own wedding can be tedious. You want everything to go smoothly as planned. For me, one of the greatest pressures was doing my own makeup on my wedding day. People have seen me prettify other brides and are expecting no less than perfect makeup on myself. I did consider hiring somebody else to do my makeup but the bridezilla in me wanted everything under control.  After all, nobody knows my face the way I do. All the blemishes that have to be covered, the contouring I need, etc. I just couldn’t allow somebody else to take charge of how I’d look on this very important event of my life. I even had to do the grooming of my husband, just to make sure that he’ won’t end up looking like some halloween character or more feminine than me, as some makeup artists have the tendency to soften a man’s features a little too much. The entourage, that I had to leave to my assistant. My mom, being trained in hair design when she was younger, did my hair.

Photography by Dustein Sibug

Photography by Dustein Sibug

The night before the wedding, I tried to get a good night’s rest but by 3am, i was awakened by an attack of allergic rhinitis. The whole roll of tissue was almost used up before I was forced to take some medications to tame down my allergy. My nose became so congested that I had to take some decongestant to relieve my condition. Unfortunately, among the side effects it has on me are restlessness and tremors, comparable to downing a couple of cups of black coffee. I managed to sleep for a total of  only 30 minutes after that.

While doing my makeup I could feel my hands shaky and my mind, groggy- like having a hangover.  With God’s help, I managed to finish my look. The drug’s ill effects slowly wore off.

Photography by Dustein Sibug

Will I recommend other brides to do their own makeup? Only if they really know what they’re doing and they can handle the pressure. I suggest that you read Robert Jones’ book on wedding makeovers and practice over and over again. If you’re not happy with the results,you should leave it to the experts. I must say even if you’re a makeup artist, doing it on yourself could be really challenging. There is no one to check you on all angles.Personally, if I were to have my wedding all over again, I’d still choose to do my own makeup. Well, except if  Steven Doloso, Juan Sarte, Lourd Ramos or Chechel Joson were there to help me out, I’d gladly give in.  Otherwise, it’s just me and my trusty brushes.

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My Prenup Shots

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Pardon my long absence from this blog. It is partly because of my preparations for an important event in our lives. My hubby and I had our church wedding after 2 years of being legally married. Of course, I did my own makeup. Not because I’m such a scrooge or anything but because I wanted to make sure the look I had in mind will be properly executed. Doing one’s own makeup during her wedding can be really nerve wracking, but it was well worth it. Here are some shots from our prenup shoot by Dustein Sibug. Click play to watch the AVP.

Wedding pics to follow.

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