Plain Jen No More- A Makeover Shoot

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The fulfillment of seeing a patient get well again under my care is priceless. But the satisfaction of making women see their most beautiful self through my help gives a different kind of high. I’ve been doing makeovers for the fun of it  ever since I opened my eyes to the wonders of makeup. From turning a shy friend into a sultry siren, to overhauling plain janes into glam divas, not once did it fail to put smiles on their faces. I wanted to prove a point that everyone is beautiful, it’s just that some need that extra push to meet their gorgeous versions. The renewed confidence it brings to them after the session concludes that it was a mission accomplished.

Lately, the camera has been my favorite tool. To make a beautiful photo, I needed to ensure that the subject would just be as stunning. Although I have worked with ethereal creatures called models in the past, I chose a “real girl” instead for my practice shoot.

The Makeover Model

A single mother to 2 daughters, Jen is not the type to spend long hours in the mirror primping herself up. Her hours are devoted to making a living for her kids, that she hardly has time for other things, more so to check if her hair falls into place. I figured, why not make an unconventional beauty a subject for my headshots portfolio? With the right light, angles, pose, and makeup, the goddess within was sure to come out.

The problem with doing  makeover shoots like this one is,instead of highlighting my photography skills, the focus was on how I did the makeup. Thing is, it wasn’t my usual professional makeup routine. I skipped a lot of steps just so I could get on with the pictorial. After all, I wasn’t building a makeup portfolio but was polishing up on photography. It was an imperfect makeup on a perfect day for a shoot.

Makeup may not be permanent, but having photos to immortalize a moment in Jen’s life reminding her of the beauty that abounds in this world, is a fabulous route to boost the confidence every girl needs.


drumroll please…



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One Comment on "Plain Jen No More- A Makeover Shoot"

  1. JenJacqs on Thu, 6th Sep 2012 12:22 pm 

    I so love it Doc Grace! :)

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