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There are very few brands that earn my nod when it comes to mascaras. The price is not an assurance that it’s a good one. The usual problem with mascaras is that they weigh down lashes that have been painstakingly curled, straightening them back. On the premise that I have super straight stubborn lashes,  the only brands that work for me are Maybelline and Cover Girl. Will Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara make the cut? Let’s see.

Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara promises up to 2x longer and stronger lashes in an instant. It comes with the following directions:

1. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, if desired, before using a mascara.
2. Apply mascara starting at the base of your upper eyelashes.
3. Draw the wand gently outward up to the tips.
4. Hold the mascara wand vertically to color your lower lashes.

So how did it go? Let me put it this way, I’m glad that it was given to me for free. Fashion 21 has great and inexpensive products that I love, such as the 2 way cake and blush, but this Double Up mascara is a big disappointment, at least in my opinion.

After curling my lashes, I gently applied the mascara as directed. It yielded longer and thicker lashes but it was too heavy that it instantly straightened out the lashes I previously curled. I blinked, and the next thing I knew, it was all over my eye area. The consistency is too damp that it stains the skin, unless you prevent yourself from blinking for a few minutes or face the fan to dry it off. In the end, I noticed my lashes to be thicker and longer, but straighter than usual and pointed downwards.

I hardly use this because I don’t have the patience to wait for it to dry. On a positive note, I think it can double as an eyeliner because of its rich formula. Still, it will take some time to dry.

Rating: 3/10


  • sturdy packaging
  • no clumps
  • thick formula
  • makes the lashes longer and thicker
  • affordable at Php 225
  • heavy, weighs the lashes down
  • straightens curled lashes
  • too damp
  • takes time to dry
  • stains skin when you blink
Although it didn’t work for me, note that I have stubborn, straight lashes requiring special needs for mascaras. What might not work for me may perform well for you. If you want to try it out for yourself, it is available online at Weemall, The Philippine Online Shopping Mall. Get 5% discount when you apply the discount code: DOCTORISVAIN.


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One Comment on "Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara"

  1. Judy Bailey on Sat, 11th Aug 2012 8:19 am 

    I purchased Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara when I was in Manila. I love it and was wondering if it can be purchased in Australia or on-line? I found one website which sells this product but only in Philippines.

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