Expert Tips For Preventing Makeup Meltdown

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They say in the Philippines, there are only two seasons- hot and very hot. Being in a tropical country poses an extra challenge to makeup artists especially during the summer when the city we live in suddenly turns into one giant oven.

Last summer,  I had a couple of makeup gigs in which I was  confronted with the problem of making the makeup stay longer, particularly at the beach setting. I usually have that  issue covered with high quality cosmetics and right application techniques but the heat and humidity were just too much that it demanded extra measures on my end as a makeup artist.

I tapped the help of some of the best makeup artists and beauty experts in the country to shed more light into this perennial  problem of makeup meltdown in a humid country like ours. They offered tips which I believe will be valuable for us whether we do makeup on ourselves or as a professional.

Ara Mina, an actress/entrepreneur who recently ventured into beauty products has these secrets to spill: “It would be advisable to use lighter makeup like a tinted moisturizer when it’s hot and to put primer before applying foundation.”

Bianca Valerio, the sassy host of Lifestyle Network’s F.A.S.H. has her share of  tips from her years as a model and makeup artist: ” Oil film for me is best! Avoid heavy foundation in cake form which could look unnatural, not to mention a torture to your skin as it won’t allow it to breathe. Use BB cream instead with an oil free formulation, which has concealing properties, and SPF, more importantly.”

Xeng Zulueta, the former chief makeup artist of Shu Uemura, was quick to name a single product that she believes to be effective  in addressing our makeup conundrum: ” Shu Uemura BB cream mousse!”

Steven Doloso, a top celebrity makeup artist whose works on Lea Salonga remain my favorite pegs, (and whose humility amazes me!) was busy at a makeup gig for a TV ad with John Lloyd Cruz when I asked  his expert opinion. According to Steven: “There’s a product called final seal (e.g. Ben Nye Final Seal or Kryolan Setting Spray) but it’s not recommended for everyday use as it can clog pores. I normally use that during outdoor shoot or under the sun so the make up won’t melt.”

Finally, I enlisted the help of the madgician herself, Madge Landrito (formerly known as Madge Lejano) whose vast experience in the wedding industry and uncanny ability to turn plain janes into divas earned her the moniker, “the madgician.” Her schedule barely affords her to do things other than makeup, so you can imagine my excitement when she handed me these extensive valuable pointers to share with you:

1. Protect your skin first from UV rays by using SPF skin care products. Apply sunscreen before putting foundation or powder, whichever you use, depending on your skin type. Oil free foundation is much preferred. Then blend.

2. Prime Your Face. Not only will it let your makeup last but it will minimize your lines and creases. It also diminishes the need for powder.

The truth: applying more makeup doesn’t mean it will last longer. Apply it better, not more!
Loading up on powder can make you look cakey as the heat blazes. Greasy makeup like very heavy and creamy foundation don’t last well in hot conditions. A sheer/liquid foundation will be the best option.

For blush, Use cheek stain on your cheeks,
Lip stain or lip tint for your lip.
Add drama by using waterproof Mascara!

A lot of people make the mistake of toning down shine with powder. If you’re hot, sweaty and shiny, you don’t want to add powder onto oil and perspiration or you’ll end up a floury, chalky mess (like an espasol). Instead, blot the affected area by using tissue, blotting papers or oil film. This will absorb the oil without messing up the makeup.

Don’t you find it awesome how the madgician unselfishly shares her wisdom with us? If you can’t get enough of her tips, I’d highly recommend that you attend her ” Mark the Spot” seminar on August 15, 16,and 17 at the St. Francis Shangrila place function room 3, from 10am to 3pm. For more details, please email or contact Grace Ranjo at 09178949480.

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    I love these tips. it’s nice to reminded once in awhile. :)

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    great tips coming from the experts! thanks for sharing! :)

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