Reasons For Failure When Attaching False Eyelashes

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Wearing false eyelashes renders a dramatic impact to our looks.  But it can also be one of the most challenging parts in completing a makeup routine. I’ve had difficulties with this myself and through experience, I gathered some of the reasons why it becomes a burden instead of an exciting step:

1. Faulty Adhesive

Some are just inferior in quality while others diminish in efficiency after a while. No matter how amazing a  glue works from the first few months of purchasing it, it does get old and when this happens, it won’t work as well as it used to. Remember the date when you bought it  and check if it hasn’t changed in odor, consistency and appearance- it shouldn’t sting when applied. Always close the cap after use to prevent it from drying up.

Putting on too much glue is an error we frequently commit. It will dry up bulky and will stick the falsies to your natural lashes.  Apply only a thin layer, use Q-tip or toothpick to prevent squeezing out too much of the product directly from the tube towards the lashes.

2. Lack of Arch

When you buy a pair of lashes, it’s  usually stuck to  a curved plastic, mimicking the curve of the lash line when you’re looking downwards. That’s how the false lashes should be shaped just before applying it on your eyes.  Problem comes in when you pull the lashes briskly out of its container, losing its shape. Or it could be that the next time you use the pair, it  haven’t been positioned properly back into its case and back to its arch.

Make sure you roll out your thumb gently when  pulling out the product. Trim the lashes on its outer ends to fit into the length of your eyes. Hold each lash from side to side and bend it to form an arch.


3. Wrong Timing

After spreading  a thin layer of glue to the lashes, wait til it becomes tacky before attaching it to your lash line. That’s roughly around 20 seconds, depending on the characteristics of your glue. While attaching it too early may cause the procedure to fail, letting it dry for a longer time will not attach the lashes to your skin at all. Reminder: please don’t blow into the glue to shorten the waiting period especially when doing makeup on your client. Just wave it back and forth into the air.

4. Poor Technique

You can either use a tweezer or your bare hands to apply it to your lash line, whichever  is more comfortable for you.  Locate the center point of your eye and stick to that part first. Attach the lashes as close to the lash line as possible, following the natural curve. Press the rest of the parts in the inner and outer corners using tweezers or your hand.   Wait for a few seconds before blinking.

5.  Oil Around the Area

Ensure that the skin where the falsies will be attached is dry and clean. The glue will not stick to an  oily and rough surface. Get rid of oils coming from makeup removers or from the skin itself.  Wipe it off with a clean  Q-tip.


Below is a  video showing a technique from Emmy Award-winning make up artist, Eve Pearl on how to attach false eyelashes:


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6 Comments on "Reasons For Failure When Attaching False Eyelashes"

  1. shopcoholic on Tue, 6th Apr 2010 12:02 pm 

    thanks for this! i still need a lot of practice..

  2. MUA In Scrubs on Tue, 6th Apr 2010 12:46 pm 

    you’re welcome, kim! don’t worry, you’ll perfect the skill in no time. :)

  3. sunmom on Wed, 7th Apr 2010 5:19 am 

    yey! love this! i failed 2x and haven’t tried it again…. :D

  4. MUA In Scrubs on Wed, 7th Apr 2010 5:46 pm 

    thanks, just keep on trying til you make it. :)

  5. lash crazy on Fri, 30th Jul 2010 6:14 pm 

    hi there. would you know where in the manila can we buy falsies for the lower lashes?:)

  6. MUA In Scrubs on Sun, 1st Aug 2010 11:21 pm 

    hi, sorry. no idea. will inform you if i find any. thanks.

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