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Pore strips are effective remedies to pluck out the comedones from your skin. Watch those blackheads sticking to the strips afterwards, and you’ll know you just did your skin a big favor. They are available in different brands at affordable prices but if you’re a DIY junkie who wants to make use of whatever you have at home, here’s how to make one:

Ingredients and Materials:

  • Unflavored Gelatin powder (example: Knox)
  • Hot water
  • A small piece of paper (Bond Paper, not tissue) just enough to cover the nose
  • Small bowl or plate
  • Stirring rod or toothpick

How To:

In the small bowl,  use a stirring rod or toothpick to mix a tiny amount of the gelatin powder with hot water, just enough to dilute the powder. If the mixture remains solid, add a few more drops of hot water. The consistency should be something close to a glue, not too wet to poke a hole on the paper.

Get your small piece of paper, spread a thin coat of the gel mixture you just made, using clean fingers. Stick the strip to your nose, cheeks or chin. Let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes then pull it off gently.

Note: I have no exact measurements when I do this. You just need a teeny-weeny amount of ingredients to use it on yourself. Well, unless to you plan to unclog the pores of your whole neighborhood, it should take less than a teaspoon of the gelatin powder.

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9 Comments on "Pore Pabor"

  1. Donna on Fri, 5th Feb 2010 4:32 pm 

    Ey, I use this for our desserts! :) thanks for sharing.

  2. MUA In Scrubs on Fri, 5th Feb 2010 6:47 pm 

    yeah, the stuff used for mango floats, etc.. hehe. You’re welcome.

  3. bane on Mon, 8th Feb 2010 6:24 am 

    this is such a DIY handy stuff. thanks for sharing doc.ü

  4. bane on Mon, 8th Feb 2010 6:28 am 

    hmm, how do i change the way i look on my above comment? it doesn’t show my right “glad” emotion.hehe

  5. sunmom on Mon, 8th Feb 2010 7:50 am 

    wow! i’d like to try this coz commercial pore strips have become a little pricey these days! thanks!

    i’m not sure if ur familiar with paper-like cloth used in lining parts of clothes to make them a little stiff, can that be used? coz im thinking, with the blackheads i’m gonna try to remove, bond paper could tear! haha

  6. MUA In Scrubs on Mon, 8th Feb 2010 8:05 pm 

    hi bane, the icon expression appears randomly. don’t worry about that. :) your photo will appear if you have a gravatar account.
    yes, the fanny serrano concealer is one of my favorite products. in fact, as fanny mentioned in one of his seminars, it was used in the tv series Marina as make up for the show’s mermaids because of its long-wearing properties even under water.
    thanks for subscribing to this blog’s feed. glad to be of help. :)

  7. MUA In Scrubs on Mon, 8th Feb 2010 8:06 pm 

    you’re welcome, bane!

  8. MUA In Scrubs on Mon, 8th Feb 2010 8:09 pm 

    i just don’t know if the gelatin would stick to the cloth, haven’t tried that yet. as long as you spread the right consistency and amount of the gelatin mixture, it won’t tear up the bond paper. :)

  9. clogged nose pores on Tue, 16th Mar 2010 12:22 am 

    Very informative post ! I’m glad that I’m found this site, this treatmen twith gelaytine is new for me, i will consider, in future.

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