Don’t Put Your Dime On Your Makeup

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I find it creepy that some people put a dime on top of their eyeshadows to demonstrate the size of each color. We cannot stress further the load of bacteria on a coin. Eyes can be really sensitive and are easy prey to microbes. You can at most put a dime BESIDE a palette to give an idea of its size but please, not ON TOP of an eyeshadow. I once saw a seller doing this and no matter how attractive the price of her goods, I never looked back on her page. And now, I was just watching a youtube video and somebody did it  on her makeup once again. The sanitary practices of these folks are driving me insane.

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8 Comments on "Don’t Put Your Dime On Your Makeup"

  1. shen on Mon, 14th Sep 2009 12:49 am 

    I use to do this but not anymore. But when i use to do it, I washed it with a separate sponge and dishwashing liquid and por alcohol on it. I think its just common sense that coins are filthy and should be cleaned prior to using it as comparison or as pressing material when pressing eyeshadows.

  2. MUA In Scrubs on Mon, 14th Sep 2009 1:26 am 

    hi shen. i haven’t noticed you do this on your blog but it’s a good thing to quit it. if others sanitize it rigorously as much as you did, that’s fine. i’d like to believe that everyone else does that but it would be safer not to use coins as at all anywhere near a cosmetic, let alone an eye makeup.

  3. sunmom on Wed, 16th Sep 2009 4:07 am 

    i’ve seen a lot of bloggers use coins to press pigments or damaged eyeshadows on a pan…haven’t tried it myself but it’s a good thing my eyes were opened with this post…what can be an alternative then?

  4. MUA In Scrubs on Wed, 16th Sep 2009 6:33 am 

    Ideally, you use a metal press to flatten out pigments but since that is harder to find, a coin becomes the instant solution. Based on my understanding and experience in pressing pigments, you don’t only disinfect the coin but also use a cloth that will come in contact with the pigments instead of the coin itself. That’s why, you will notice criss-cross patterns of the makeup afterwards due to the cloth and not your national hero’s face on it. Using a coin directly is a big no-no! It’s would be worse than demonstrating a palette’s size using a dime atop an eye makeup because you will be pressing the dirt deeper. Although the alcohol added in the pigments will provide sterilizing action to a certain degree, it wouldn’t be enough especially if the coin is infested with some virulent microorganisms hiding on its crevices.

  5. sunmom on Thu, 17th Sep 2009 4:31 am 

    wow, i learned something new today! although i don’t see myself pressing pigments anytime soon, this info’s good to have handy…thanks!

  6. MUA In Scrubs on Thu, 17th Sep 2009 1:23 pm 

    sure, no problem sunmom!

  7. Martha on Wed, 30th Sep 2009 11:25 pm 

    Uhhh.. How do you know they have not sanitized the coin. I think your freaking out a little. Its gross when you think of it that hard, but it is not a reason to not purchase an un opened product.

  8. MUA In Scrubs on Thu, 1st Oct 2009 12:00 am 

    hi martha. honestly, i didn’t get what you meant by not purchasing an unopened product. i didn’t mention anywhere that it’s not safe to purchase unopened makeups. on the contrary, it would be much safer to buy that, than those which have been opened and pictured with a coin on top of it to demonstrate its size.

    unfortunately, there is no way to find out if the makeup you bought has been placed with an unsanitized coin for picture purposes unless you get infected. infection can occur depending upon the resilience of your immune system and the the virulence of the microbes. yeah, maybe i’m freaking out and others are ok with it but then to each her own. if putting a coin on top of your makeup sounds fine to you, by all means do so.but don’t share or sell that makeup to others who may possibly suffer from the “freebies” that come along with it.

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