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My friend Styx texted me, asking for beauty tips on her wedding very soon. My answer wouldn’t fit in an sms, hence I decided to write this article for her and the soon-to-be brides who want to look their best on their big day.

Skin Care

Your makeup artist can only do so much. Take care of your skin as it will be be doubly difficult creating a perfect canvass with bumpy zits ruining your pretty face.

A facial would be good for your skin. Start 6 months prior to the wedding. Make sure that your last session will be at least 2 weeks and not a few days before the event. This could leave reddish marks on your skin and bring impurities to the surface.

If you have a huge acne days before the wedding, visit your dermatologist for an intralesional injection of steroids. The zit should subside within 24 hours.

Don’t bask in the sun. Overdoing it may lead to sunburn. If you want a tan, consider bronzing creams instead. Similarly, avoid peeling creams near the big day. Patchy, dry, flaky skin may be difficult to conceal.

Avoid frequent night outs, exposure to smoke and alcoholic beverages. They all lead to a dull skin.

The Sexy Bride

Create an exercise routine months before the event. Enlist your bridesmaids to join you to make the activity more fun. Wanna get rid of that tummy bulge or those big arms? Customize your routine to address the problems.

Be careful what you eat. Skip the high carbo and switch to veggies and fruits. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. A healthy diet will speed up the beneficial effects of your exercise.

Take your daily multivitamins to keep you in top shape.

Hair Flair

Decide which hairstyle you want. Grow it long or trim it down, curl or straighten it, weeks or months before. Find a style that will flatter you. If unsure, ask your hairstylist for advise.

Don’t color your hair a few days before the big day if you are prone to allergies, unless your groom fancies a swollen bride. Allergic reactions could cause rashes, edema and at worst, difficulty of breathing. You could get rushed to the emergency room and sabotage your special occasion. Make sure to test the products before using them.

If your hair is on the limp side and you want curls or volume, avoid using shampoo and conditioner on your wedding day. Some hairdressers have to wash them with laundry soap to minimize the oiliness and limp appearance. That way, it becomes easier to style.

Hands And Feet

They are areas which shouldn’t be neglected. Treat yourself to a foot spa. Get a manicure and pedicure from someone you can trust not to inflict wounds. Paint your nails with pinks or peaches, not screaming red.

Bridal Makeup

Choose a makeup artist you are confident to bring out the best in you. Book an appointment months before because the artist you have in mind may not be available on your chosen date, leaving you to the hands of those you aren’t comfortable with. Check out their previous works before committing. This is your big day, not a time for big risks. It is crucial to have a trial makeup months prior . Set a date for this and tell your mua what you have in mind. Although she probably knows what looks best for you, you need to articulate your thoughts, to arrive at the look you desire.

If you have allergies to makeup, tell your artist beforehand so she can choose hypoallergenic products for you. If it’s a bad case of allergy, see your dermatologist so she can prescribe medications earlier, unless your mua is also a doctor *coughs*.

Eyelash extensions may be the “in” thing today, but if you already have nice lashes, you might have to think twice about getting one for your wedding. Besides being tricky to care for, it cannot be curled or applied with a waterproof mascara, so that limits the mua’s capacity to put volume into it, unless you opted for an already dramatic set of extensions, which may not look natural after the wedding day.

Get some sleep!

Preparations for the wedding may get stressful, leaving you less time to sleep. On the week itself, especially the night before you walk down the aisle, try to get adequate rest. A natural fresh, well rested look is a lot better than a well-concealed raccoon eyes.

On your momentous event, don’t forget to smile and cherish this important day in your life. Enjoy every moment of it. Remember the first time you fell in love with your groom and hold on to those sparkles in your eyes.


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Model: Kristine Faye Ragpala-Tan
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