Natasha Mills, The Chameleon

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She is one very important model in my stint as a make up artist. When I got back to CDO after my hair and makeup schooling in Manila, I was ecstatic to know that I will be working with her for my first shoot in the city. Along with ace photographer Dustein Sibug, it was a powerhouse of a team I was so proud to have collaborated with.

Natasha just won the 2nd runner up title of Miss Kagay-an 2007 when I met her. Her British descent and twang could mistake her as an intimidating presence. On the contrary, she’s a very pleasant person to get to know. Goofy and outspoken, Natasha Mills is much more than what her dynamic poses tell us.

Up Close and Personal
Natasha is a stunning 18 year old who hails from South London, England. Born to a Filipino Mom and British Dad on August 17, 1989, she moved to CDO almost 3 years ago to study. She is currently an HRM sophomore in one of the prestigious universities in the city. If her face looks familiar to you, that’s because she has graced billboards for her alma mater. She was also part of her school’s TV commercial.

The Chameleon
She started modeling in England for SKALLYWAGS children modeling agency. Her career in the Philippines took off after winning in Ms. Kagay-an Tourism last year. The 5 finalists had a fashion photoshoot. After then, it was master lensman Dustein Sibug who noted her potentials and invited her to more fashion pictorials. Her outstanding skills and professionalism brought her more projects from as far as Cebu, for Dustein’s workshops. The photographers loved her ability to transform, setting different looks and moods that the cameras loved to play with. Hence, gaining herself the title of the chameleon.

Modeling Is Her Passion
Despite the scorching heat of the sun or the heavy pour of rain, nothing stops Natasha from giving her best as a model. She embraces modeling with so much fun and passion that you will not hear a single complaint from her when working, even in the most adverse environment. Just fill her up with a C2 Lemon drink or a hot choco on a cold day, and her energy will keep soaring til you drop. Definitely no prima donna, this lady.

Fashion Icon
She would wear anything that Jennifer Lopez would wear, sexy but elegant. That explains the Chuck Taylor heels she once wore in our shoot. When she saw JLo in similar shoes, she didn’t hesitate getting the pair she eyed at Limketkai Mall.

Natasha, the Makeup Diva

There’s this other side to her that not many people know, her talent in makeup. She has penchant for L’oreal and Maybelline cosmetics and Bourjois eyeshadows. The other contestants of Miss Kagay-an were glad to have Natasha around. Her skills were put to good use in making her competitors look as glamorous as her when they were pressed against time.

When she isn’t satisfied with her makeup during shoots, she revises them herself. Luckily, she has not changed any of my works but she does suggest colors and tricks which she thinks would help pull off the look better. There’s a lot more pressure in doing makeup for someone who knows the art but I find it actually helpful to have someone who can give opinion on what I’m doing. Getting her thumbs up mean a lot to me.

Beauty Secrets
How does one achieve a beautiful face like hers? She shares that a smile is the most inexpensive beauty tool. “Enjoy your blessings in life. Take care of your skin and body,” she adds.

Wanna be A Model like her?
This is what she advises women who want to give modeling a shot, “study… study modeling, study good strong poses, study emotions in your face…study your eyes- photographers love it when they see a story behind them. Be aware of your attitude, you shouldn’t get a big head just because you got many calls for upcoming shoots. Beauty isn’t just on the outside but the inside too,” quips the humble chameleon.

Photographers: Enzo Kho, Dustein Sibug, Maurice Bagayna
Makeup by: Grace Pamparo-Bandoy


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